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BBBEE Verification Readiness
In this workshop to assist participants to ensure that they ensure that their corporate achieve the correct BBBEE level and that they are ready to manage the verification relationship with the Verification Agency.


Supplier Diversity Business Case 
In this workshop attendees or participants will learn how to effectively align their business case with the corporation’s goals to attain acceptance and buy-in. Key points to cover during the workshop include: The evolution of Supplier Diversity, how customer behaviour impacts supply base development,


Emerging Trends and Issues Affecting Supply Chains
In this workshop attendees or participants will learn about the strategic role of supply chain management and key elements of the competition in the global market place. Unpacking the changing view of CPOs and Buyers of their suppliers. Key points to cover during the workshop include: The CPO Agenda, Optimasation of spend through Spend Management, the impact of Supplier Diversity and Supplier Development.

Aligning ESD with Procurement Trends & Issues
Supply chain excellence contributes to economic value creation. Planning ahead is essential for SMMEs and Black Suppleirs to match corporates customer efforts to keep the supply chain competitive while dealing with economic ups and downs, globalisation, sustained productivity, supply chain sercurtiy and reduced negative impact to the environment. In this workshop attendees or participants will learn about the impact of these and how to align their ESD Strategy or Plan with these trends and issues

Best Practices of ESD
In this workshop attendees or participants will gain and learn greater understanding of how leading global organisations have created a proactive environment to identify industry trends and their impact on improving processes to develop suppliers and SMMEs.

Spend Analysis to Find ESD Opportunities
A major challenge for South African companies will be to find opportunities for Black Suppliers & SMMEs and to align that with their supply chains to ensure that BBBEE targets are met. In this workshop attendees or participants will gain an understanding of the process to be followed to view and examine spend by organisations, commodities and suppliers. By drilling down to details the lead the attendees to discover timely patterns, trends and identify high-potential opportunities and suppliers ready for ESD. Key areas to cover will be how to assess, organise, enrich and analyse spend data.

Advanced Strategies for Cross-Functional Collaboration
The implementation of ESD within an organisation will have an impact the organisation cross-functionally. The success of Supplier Development & Diversity hinges on an all-inclusive approach  that include all corporate functions with procurement. During this workshop attendees or participants will learn how exercise greater influence by leveraging strong stakeholder engagement to accomplish the senior management goals.

Measuring the Impact & ROI of ESD Initiatives
Whether ESD is an issue of compliance or a cost or an investment, the success and impact needs to be measured. BBBEE Codes expects organisations to measure the success of ESD. This workshop intends to assist attendees or participants on how to measure ESD but also to ensure that the maximum success is achieved. During this workshop critical focus will be on the key metrics and show the value of ESD and how to measure and quantify cost savings / reductions as well as the impact on sales and new markets.

Fundamentals of an ESD Process
This workshop provides attendees or participants with knowledge and skills individuals require to build effective working partnerships with great Black Suppliers & SMMEs. Key points to cover during the workshop include the understanding of how to create opportunities where they may not have existed by engaging senior management, developing objectives, driving the process, then analysing and measuring the results.

Growth & Capacity Development for Black Suppliers & SMEs

ESD brings the question what will constitute ESD and what actions should we embark upon? During this session attendees or participants will gain understanding of the process for assessing supplier development options and implementing the most effective growth strategies for black suppliers & SMMEs. This workshop will provide tips and techniques corporations use to increase supplier capacity.

Aligning ESD with the Corporate Strategic Planning Process
Strategic planning is a dynamic process that looks into the future and involves every area of the business. During this workshop emphasis witll be placed on preparing supplier development plans that support corporate goals and managing the overall process. This includes the tracking of milestones, establishing a timeline detailing sequence of activities, resource allocation and monitoring risks (both quantitative & qualitative) for decision-making.

Our Corporate Business development programs (Half-Day Sessions):

1. Building a World-class Supplier Development Process & Program
Salient features of this workshop are:
The Business Case for Supplier Development & Business linkages
Transition from a compliance-focused program to a strategically driven business process
Building a World-class SD process
Components of a World-class SD Strategy
Senior Leadership Alignment to Develop & Execute the SD & Linkage Plan

2. SME Capacity Building Strategy Salient features of this workshop are:
The Identification of Opportunities
Building SME Capacity (Success Stories & Best Practices)
Finding suitable suppliers for capacity building
Implementing an effective Second Tier Process

3. Embedding Supplier Development within the Sourcing Strategy Salient features of this workshop are:
Dealing with obstacles to embedding SD within Supply chain
Aligning The Process (ESD)
Performance Management
Best Practices & Success stories


Doing Business with the Government

The objective of this programme to show and assist entrepreneurs / small business owners’ skills how to identify and do business with Government & Public Sector. The programme aims to build entrepreneurs / small business owners’ skills to be more responsive to RFQs or Tenders to prepare a successful response that will convert in winning the business opportunity.

How to Cost & Price a Tender / RFQ

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with an insight into the importance of costing and pricing for every entrepreneur, and the impact it has on the financial orientation of their business. It is important that they understand both the “why” and “how” of calculating costs. Dealing with the importance of calculating costs by unpacking the different cost concepts.

Value Proposition Development

Businesses today are seeking products, services, and solutions that will directly or indirectly improve their competitive advantage. This workshop outlines how to step into buyers’ minds, and create value propositions that compel them to buy. A value proposition is an offer from a seller to a buyer that promises to materially improve the buyer’s situation by offering a specific benefit or set of benefits. A compelling value proposition induces the buyer to act on obtaining the promised value. The most compelling business-to-business value propositions are those that address high-priority concerns–and reduce the risk associated with the purchasing decision. They are clear and concise, promise quantifiable outcomes, clearly distinguish the value the seller is offering from the value the buyer could obtain elsewhere, provide evidence that supports the sellers’ claims and/or a guarantee that makes the seller “whole”, and provide a reason or incentive for acting right away…

Access to Finance Readiness

is a course aimed to ensure and prepare your business to be ready to access finance. Dealing with the financial performance & projections, the issue of affordability (the business’ ability to repay), supporting documents required, building the business case & plan, ensuring the viability of the transaction, the funding eligibility criteria and the importance of financial controls. Next sessions: 12 February & 9 April.

Pitch to Win New Business

Failure to communicate or pitching your value proposition can cause you not to increase business. The effectiveness of a successful pitch depends on the planning and how you about to present your value proposition. In this workshop we shall show entrepreneurs how to prepare and to pitch your business to new customers. Next sessions & duration: (2 Hour).

Elevator Speech Development

As an entrepreneur, small business owner or employee, you need to be able to pitch your proposition effectively and quickly. It’s the opportunity to engage and excite your prospect. Will investors think of investing with you? Will journalists decide it’s you they’re going to write about? Will the interviewer decide you are the likely candidate? This course has been specially designed for those who have little or no sales experience who are starting to develop new markets. Anyone in business needs to be able to describe their product or service in a concise manor using as few words as possible. The language used in the first instance must be non-technical. The course starts by learning how to communicate your company product or service in 20-30 words, using language that customers will understand. Next sessions & Duration: (Half-day)

Money Management for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The objective of this programme to build entrepreneurs / small business owners’ skills to better Manage small business finances. We have found that small business owners battle managing the finances of their business although they might have been a good artisan, sales person, etc. In day-to-day operations, the owner of the business will have to take prime responsibility for the financial management of his/her business. Next sessions & Duration: (Full Day)

Leading Innovation: From Idea to Impact

is the essential program for learning how to successfully navigate the end-to-end innovation execution process. Many entrepreneurs have great ideas but fail to execute or implement them. Where others have ideas but don’t know how whether they will succeed. In this program we will guide you to perform a feasibility assessment on your idea and if the idea is feasible how to go about to implement the idea successfully.

Benefiting from Supplier Development:

is the introduction of the supplier development as an element of BBBEE presents a huge an opportunity for SMME’s and Black Suppliers. Corporate South Africa cant ignore supplier development – in order for them to maximise their BBBEE points they need to link development with black suppliers and SMME’s. In this program we will guide you how use your BBBEE level to access business opportunities and how to become part of supplier development programs.


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