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Reaching for a business advisor when problems arise has become an accepted practice for business owners. When you're not feeling well, you call a doctor. If your car isn't running right, you take it to a mechanic. When businesses encounter a problem or seek additional growth, prudent business owners seek the advice of outside advisors…business experts. As Business advisors we help businesses of all sizes make the transition between their present level of success and levels needed to sustain and grow their companies…profitably.

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Through our mentoring consultations, we help your organization by providing the skills, experience, and perspective necessary to create, manage, and sustain a successful entrepreneurial business. Whether your focus is on succession planning, attracting talent, developing talent, promoting workplace diversity, or all four, Management Mentors is the most qualified consulting partner for your organization. Here are the areas we can specifically address in our mentoring consultations.
Management Mentors has developed a proprietary executive mentoring program designed to cultivate knowledge in the next generation of executives and professionals. Executive mentoring should be a key component of your company’s succession plan. It can also make the senior management team more effective today by creating an environment in which they work together to develop tomorrow’s leaders.
Executive mentoring prepares an entrepreneur from an ordinary manager to move successfully into senior-level positions.
Executive mentors focus on:
  • The company’s evolution.
  • Efforts to enhance profitability throughout the enterprise.
  • Development of strategies for gaining or retaining competitive advantage within their market space.
  • While mid-level professionals contribute to all of these goals, they rarely possess the perspective to develop the high-level planning that will drive the company to attain them.


A formal, well-developed executive mentoring program provides mid-level executives with insights into:
  • Strategic planning.
  • Bringing the big picture into focus.
  • Preparing themselves for challenges of ever increasing magnitude
  • Executive mentoring creates a ripple effect, as executives apply what they have learned from mentoring to their staff’s development. Mentoring filters through the organization and a mentoring culture evolves. In a mentoring culture, knowledge is shared and leadership skills are learned, so that there is no “brain drain” when the organization’s leadership retires.
By making key executives accessible and open to feedback, executive mentoring creates opportunities for honest conversation and enhances senior staff’s understanding of their chief executive.

The outcomes and benefits of a company diagnostic include:


A proven tool for assessing and understanding the condition and status of a company in terms of where it is doing well, and where it can improve. It is an X-ray of the company.Allows discussion of the needs of the company in a structured, objective and holistic way. Helps the owners to rank the needs in order of priority, and to decide how best to tackle them, based on the value that they will add to the company. Helps owners to decide the needs requiring external assistance, and the needs that they can resolve on their own, which often provides more cost effective and superior results. Helps to set measurable outcomes for the interventions to ensure that the results add value and lead to a more sustainable and competitive enterprise. Helps to focus on interventions that enable the company to compete for procurement and business opportunities


Grow Your Business (Marketing) Strategy Development

To develop a Grow your Business Strategic Plan for a business that experience low sales levels and business that has an appetite to expand. This strategy is aimed to increase business opportunities and ultimately leads to an increase in sales (revenues). The objective of this Strategy Development is to improve, gain and/or increase business opportunities through effective engagements with Buyers / Sourcing Specialists of corporates & the SMME market or through tendering mechanisms. Increase in business linkage opportunities for the client. 

Business Incubation Support

Business incubation provide growth SMMEs and start-ups with the ideal location to develop and grow their businesses, offering everything from virtual support, rent-a-desk through to state of the art laboratories and everything in between. They provide direct access to hands-on intensive business support, access to finance and expertise and to other entrepreneurs and suppliers to really help businesses and entrepreneurs to grow - faster.  Incubators (or "business incubation environments") are ideally placed to help innovators and entrepreneurs to overcome some of the hurdles and to negotiate a path to the allimportant finance and mentoring all entrepreneurs need. Business incubation provides a nurturing, instructive and supportive environment for entrepreneurs during the critical stages of starting up and growing a new business. The goal of business incubators is to increase the chance that a start-up will succeed and achieve growth and shorten the time and reduce the cost of establishing and growing its business. If successful, business incubators can help to nurture the companies that will form the true creators of a regions or nation’s future wealth and employment.
This component of our service targets the establishment and growth of new incubators in countries that currently do not have one. The new business incubators will also immediately have access to our capacity building services, including, business incubation management training, and the regional and global networks.
  • Pipeline Development
  • Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Mentoring Support and Training (Making the most of the mentoring relationship)
  • Alignment of BI goals and interventions with client goals
  • Programme Development and Alignment
  • Sourcing of appropriate service providers (training providers & mentors)
  • Supplier Development programmes
  • Access to finance and transact readiness
  • Graduate and Exit support
"The Business Associate" connects businesses with corporations to develop strong business relationships through cutting edge business opportunity seminars and networking events. Businesses will have the opportunity to connect with buyers, procurement officers, contracting agents and supplier diversity experts, locally and nationally.



  • Transact Readiness
  • Finance Readiness
  • Tender & Supplier Due Diligence Readiness
  • Pitching & Value Proposition Offering
  • Effective Buyer Engagements
"The Business Associate" facilitates in building the competitiveness of a well-defined enterprise through Innovative Value Offering Solutions to facilitate access  to corporate Procurement and export opportunity through Increased competition leading to competitive pricing & improved profitability,  product & service Innovation  which leads to growth. This done through a system of Certify, Connect (linkages) and Develop:
Certification & Compliance includes the following services and benefits to Business Enterprises:
  • Access to buyers, sourcing opportunities, business development programs and supplier diversity champions.


  • Certification for black-owned businesses to SASDC (South African Supplier Diversity Council) for linkage opportunities. 


  • Extensive array of educational seminars, workshops, and capacity-building techniques conducted by national experts. 


  • Tender Support & Monitoring (inclusive of Business Development) Formation & Management of Joint Ventures - we will provide support with the sourcing of the right JV participants, the formation of the JV agreement and the project management of JV relationship (pricing on application) Supply Base Registrations


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