“The Business Associatework with corporations to deal with their procurement needs and to mobilise corporate support for black supplier development and linkages to facilitate access to procurement & international markets through matchmaking by linking Enterprise Development with Supplier Development creating Competitive Black Suppliers and accessing a large pool of SMME’s and Black Suppliers.


  • Optimisation & consolidation of Spend to improve your company’s bottom line(consolidating of spend items within a specific spend category, negotiate better deals/pricing, leverage to optimise volumes and pass on of savings to our customers)
  • Supply Base Developmentthrough strengthening the supply base with transact-ready diverse suppliers (focussing on the sourcing of Black Suppliers – buiding of a supply base of transact-ready suppliers for specific categories by applying PSC methodology, due diligence audit methodology and provide access to this database for our customers)
  • Supply Development & Capacity Building(development of a SD plan, selection process for participation, company diagnositics, Training & development, specific demand-driven interventions and monitoring & evaluation of process)
  • Supplier Diversity(Prepare organisation to implement Supplier Diversity Model, facilitate membership to SASDC and leverage from its membershipier-diversity-council)




“The Business Associate”connects corporations with Black Businesses’ & SMME’s to expand the supply chain and build healthy business relationships. We achieve this by assisting organisations with the implementation of corporate supplier development & diversity plans. This service includes training on how to meet company diversity goals, and report the success of its program to customers. We schedule on-site meetings where we facilitate collaboration between internal divisions of a corporation, clarify short and long-term needs, make direct black business & SMME’s connections, and plan events to communicate the client’s diverse needs to targeted markets. We offer many opportunities for one-on-one time with black business and other corporate members to communicate a client’s needs and build relationships. The advantage for corporations they gain exclusive access to hundreds of nationally certified black-owned businesses that provide innovative quality products and services that are priced 






“The Business Associate provides business support to clients that lack business growth, those that find it difficult to gain access to finance, business that

have a poor BBBEE rating and those businesses that aren’t financial/tax compliant. Our team of Advisors have a reputable reputation for ensuring positive results, as that is all “The Business Associate” aspires to achieve. In addition we assist businesses in developing and implementing Supplier Development Plans and finding Black partners & suppliers.


The Business Associate” has an excellent reputation for assisting clients in accessing:


·      New business opportunities

·         Applying and Winning tenders

·         Developing comprehensive business plans that meets access to finance requirements

·         Developing company profiles to access business & markets

·         Facilitation of procurement meetings

·         Operational requirements and being tax compliant.

·         Coordinating & assisting with Formation of JV’s, MOU & MOA’s

·         Offering Growth & Capacity Building training

·         Business Incubation through a Shared-Services Model


Profit through Partnerships that Certify, Connect & Develop.



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